Charlie's Club is back...

So, without further ado, Charlie's Club is back! You're excited, right? We know we are. And, of course, so is Charlie.

But first, a little history...

Once upon a time, there was a man named Charlie and he created an online subscription model for e-cigarettes (the old school ones... with the little cartridges that you screw into a battery and it actually looked like a cigarette? Remember?). This was, clearly, in the early days of e-liquid and vaping and Charlie ran into a lot of red tape and corporate muscle. The diabolical forces of the International Cigarette Agency (ICA) would not relent (check out Find. Charlie. for more details).

One thing lead to another, and Charlie went into hiding. Until now.

Today, Charlie's Club is back, but instead of pushing you into a monthly commitment, Charlie and the team decided to bundle up the savings.

High quality e-liquid. A wide array of popular flavours. All manufactured here in Canada. Online only. Delivered to your door. In some cases (bundles of 4, or 8), with free delivery!

Check out our bundles. And our hats, if you're so inclined. They're pretty cool, if we can say so ourselves.

Anyway, Charlie's back! If you're interested in taking a stroll down memory lane, check out our insta profile and our highlights. You can see the original Charlie's Club story in action.

If you're interested in high quality e-liquid at amazing prices, peruse our shop and let us know what you think.